Congratulations on wanting to explore and learn more about volunteering.  Volunteering offers vital help to those in need, but the benefits can be greater for you, the volunteer.

We have included helpful links that are listed below to help you on this journey.  Have fun learning and exploring ways to connect with your community.  

Links for you to explore

Click on this link to register as a new volunteer:   Volunteer Registration Link

Have some questions? You might find the answer here:  Volunteer Assistance Link

Explore volunteer opportunities here:  Volunteer Opportunities Link

Browse our many partner organizations here:  Partner Organizations Link

Contact Information

 If you have any questions, we are here to assist. 

April Willey 302-857-5006 or email at april.willey@delaware.gov

Tina Gary 302-857-5014 or by email at tina.gary@delaware.gov