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The goal of the State Office of Volunteerism is to help strengthen communities statewide through the promotion of volunteer opportunities, community support and networking opportunities. Over 900 community agencies are currently registered on the Volunteer Delaware Website offering a mixture of community service opportunities to over 14,000 registered volunteers. There is something here for everyone! We hope you enjoy exploring new and exciting volunteer opportunities for you, your family and your community.


The State Office of Volunteerism provides coordination with volunteer programs throughout the state and hosts the annual Volunteer Delaware Conference, two Governor Volunteer Service Award Events for adult and youth volunteers and manages four direct volunteer service programs. Those programs are AmeriCorps Delaware, Volunteer Delaware, AmeriCorps Seniors and Volunteer Delaware 50+ 

For more information on the Governor's Commission on Community and Volunteer Service, Click HERE

State Office of Volunteerism

Contact Information

State Office of Volunteerism



Senior Administrator, State Office of Volunteerism

Executive Director, Governor’s Commission on Community and Volunteer Service



AmeriCorps* Delaware


John Sullivan

Social Services Administrator

AmeriCorps* Delaware Program Director

(302) 255 - 9883
Foster Grandparents


Nancy Carney

Volunteer Services Administrator

AmeriCorps Seniors Program Manager


(302) 605-0200
Volunteer Delaware


Diane Frebert

Volunteer Services Administrator


Volunteer Delaware 50+ 


Ann Gorrin

Volunteer Services Administrator

(302) 515-3020


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