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Volunteer Delaware 50+

Volunteer Delaware 50+ Enrollment Form

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the advantages to joining Volunteer Delaware 50+?

Is there a fee for joining Volunteer Delaware 50+?

No. Volunteer Delaware 50+ does not charge a fee or collect dues for its services.

Can I join Volunteer Delaware 50+ and continue serving where I am?

Yes. If you are currently volunteering at one of Volunteer Delaware’s community partners, you can become a member and stay right where you are. If you serve at a non-profit that is not currently a Volunteer Delaware 50+ partner, we welcome the opportunity to discuss becoming partners.

Will I be contacted to do other things?

Some of our members like to know about upcoming one-time or short-term projects. All Volunteer Delaware 50+ members receive a monthly volunteer opportunity mailing that they are free to respond to if they choose. Volunteers may ask to be removed from the mailing list if they are not interested in additional volunteer opportunities.

Why does Volunteer Delaware 50+ need to know my hours each month?

It is important we receive your volunteer hours. We record your hours each month and those with enough volunteer hours receive an invitation to an annual recognition event. When we do not receive hours for a member, he or she becomes “inactive.” Inactive volunteers are not covered by our supplemental insurance.



Enrich your life as you enrich the lives of others by volunteering with Volunteer Delaware 50+ 


Welcome to Volunteer Delaware 50+

Volunteer Delaware 50+ is a statewide program offered through the Delaware Health & Social Services, Division of State Service Centers, State Office of Volunteerism. The mission of Volunteer Delaware 50+ is to engage persons 50 and older in volunteer service, to meet critical community needs, and provide a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of volunteers. For more information about Volunteer Delaware 50+ in your area, click on your county below or to register now, scroll to the bottom and download our Volunteer Delaware 50+ Registration packet.