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Governor's Commission

on Community and Volunteer Service

The Governor's Commission on Community and Volunteer Service is committed to enriching lives and communities by advocating service and volunteerism. The duties of the Commission are prescribed by, but not limited to the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993. The Commission is comprised of representatives reflecting the broad diversity of the state including members of the public sector, the private nonprofit sector and the business community. The Commission is supported by, and works in collaboration with the Office of the Governor, the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of State Service Centers, State Office of Volunteerism. AmeriCorps the Agency provides partial support for National Service initiatives undertaken by the Commission. Work of the Commission is highlighted in the State Service Plan, available for download HERE



Paul F. Calistro, Jr., Chair

Margarita Rodriguez-Duffy, Vice Chair, Delaware Volunteerism

Charles Vincent, Treasurer

Dr. Enid Wallace-Simms, Secretary

Cassandra Codes-Johnson

Natalie DiSabatino

Lossie Freeman

Peggy Mika

Kennadie Patterson

Melody Phillips

James Reddick

Gerald Rocha

Timothy Sheldon

Marilyn Siebold

Debbie H. Smith

Molly Williams

Valarie Wright


We are actively recruiting additional commissioners to serve.  Click HERE to apply. 

To be considered for appointment as a Commissioner, an online application must be submitted to the Governor’s office via the link below. Please use Board Number 0060 for the Governor's Commission on Community and Volunteer Service.  

Please include information below when submitting the form:
Board Number: 0060
Board Name:  Governor's Commission on Community and Volunteer Services

In pursuing this mission, the Governor's Commission on Community and Volunteer Service is guided by the following principles:

  • Service is an important strategy for addressing community needs and problems

  • ​Citizens of all ages are critical resources in addressing community needs and problems

  • ​Service in Delaware can be augmented by effective private-public collaborations, and a general willingness for all sectors to partner for the advancement of the Delaware volunteer service field and the First State's communities

  • Grantees of the Commission shall serve as high quality demonstrations for the potential of national service in Delaware​

    ​The Commission

  • Develops a comprehensive State Service Plan for national and community service, through an open, inclusive process which may include establishment of State funding priorities.

  • Selects applicants for National Service Program funding and prepare other State applications to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

  • Develops a solid infrastructure in Delaware to facilitate and support high quality national service programs.

  • Maintains and reviews financial management systems and progress reports to track expenditures for National Service Programs.

  • Oversees and monitors funded programs in Delaware to ensure they are high quality and comply with legal and grant requirements.

  • Provides technical assistance to local nonprofits and other entities in planning programs, applying for funds, and implementing high quality program

​To learn more about how your skills and talents could help grow our initiatives contact:

Executive Director

Governor’s Commission for Community and Volunteer Service
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services
Division of State Service Centers
Debnam Building
1901 N. DuPont Highway, New Castle, DE  19720
Office: (302) 255-9739