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Reeds Refuge Cetner

WHO WE ARE Reeds Refuge Center is a community-focused nonprofit committed to the holistic development and well-being of the children and financially afflicted families of the inner city of Delaware. Reeds Refuge Center (RRC) serves as a safe haven from violence, drugs, guns, and idle minds by helping youth and adults discover their creative potential. We provide youth with an outlet to express themselves and seek inspiration in the arts. We provide nearly 100 youth with a safe haven to protect them from their local inner city communities. At Reeds Refuge Center, children and adults are offered the opportunity to express themselves and seek refuge in the arts. Through our programs and caring staff, we offer our youth hope, motivation, and courage to live for something above and beyond the lure of a life of crime or dependency. Reeds Refuge Center is dedicated to fostering productive life enrichment skills that will allow children and adults the opportunity to express their creative & artistic abilities. Since opening in 2012, RRC has provided quality after-school programming to nearly 1,000 youth annually. Our state of the art programming provides a wide range of learning and performance opportunities that support self-discovery, self-discipline, and self-expression. We focus on developing each student's personal and artistic growth through activities that encourage learning, teamwork, and personal development. RRC’s staffs expose participants to the many facets of music, art, and creativity.

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Wilmington, DE, 19802