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The founder of Regina Young and The Zy Boys Resource Center is a proud parent of three special needs children after spending years of looking for help she decided to open up a resource center to be able to help those in need of resources with children with or without special needs as well as helping community members be successful in society. At Regina Young and The Zy Boys our mission is envisions a community where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, financial stability and healthy lives. My mission is to be able to give back to low income families and single parents to give them the love and support that they need. As well as helping families find jobs and homes. Regina Young and The Zy boys Resource Center set out audacious goals for the nation to challenge: working to enhancement youth graduating from high school on-time, to expand working families' financial stability, and to keep Americans strong and evading risky behavior. Regina Young and The Zy Boys Resource Center purpose is a partnership of long-established charities, faith-based organizations, and social and health groups that support and encourage people's safety, health, security and social and economic development across America. What I need to be able to make this dream come true is a large build with plenty of space so we also can take people in when during their time of need. Change begins in small steps with the helping hands of others. I have been told that since I was a little child, you have to dream big and not give up on what you want remembering that practice makes perfect. The fun thing is it works that way within a community as well. Everything that needs to be done, cannot be completed in a matter of days of service, it is a ongoing process. It takes consistency and hard work each day to build something great.

Hunger & Homelessness
Families, Homeless, Low-income Communities, People with Disabilities, People with Health-based Concerns
Rehoboth Beach, DE, 19971

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