Organization Profile

Delaware Trail Spinners

The objects of this organization shall be: 1. To promote for the benefit of the general public the preservation, protection and balanced use of biking, trails or coursed principally in, but not limited to, the State of Delaware, including the possibility of acquiring and holding of easement and other real property interests. 2. To provide a means of coordinating the work and efforts of all persons or groups interested in mountain biking. 3. To inform and educate mountain bike enthusiasts on how mountain biking may be enjoyed in an environmentally sound and socially responsible manner. 4. To cooperate with and assist local, state and federal government agencies and bodies, as well as other nonprofit organizations, in the preservation and conservation of trails and the places where they are located. 5. To use all properties held or controlled by the corporation and the net earning thereof for the benefit of the general public and for charitable, educational, recreational, environmental, scientific, historical purposes and conservation.

Children & Youth Education, Civic & Community, Environment, Health & Wellness, Sports & Recreation
Families, Immigrants, Refugees or Ethnic Groups, Low-income Communities, LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender)
Newark, DE, 19711