Organization Profile

Pencader Charter High School

The Pencader Business & Finance Charter High School is committed to providing students in grades 9 y 12 an innovative and challenging academic atmosphere. Our school curriculum is a unique combination of academia and character education, as well as business and finance courses that will enable students to meet or exceed the Delaware Performance Requirements for graduation. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with the skills needed for employment in the business and finance industry and/or to pursue studies at a post secondary level. Business courses will focus on current and accepted business practices and modalities. They are designed to equip students with an awareness of the rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world economy. At Pencader Charter, we believe parental involvement is a cornerstone crucial to the success of the school. Parents are encouraged to visit the school and play an active part in their childys education. A collaborative effort between students, parents, staff, and administration is imperative to empower our students to be successful contributors in the business and finance world of today.

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New Castle, DE, 19720